September 11th, 2010

i do know some things


So Buffy and I meet up at this crackhouse Denny's and we're waiting around for other people to show up. We're going to some Kris concert in a city that wasn't ever explicitly mentioned in the dream. All I know is it was somewhere out east. So Buffy and i are talking blah blah blah you still like Kris Allen? Sure do!

Anyway, this tall, scrawny black guy with dreads walks in and somehow Buffy knows who it is immediately. She's like, "GEEK!" and runs into his arms, and I'm like, wtf just happened here. Geek's black? GEEK HAS DREADS? I say, "I seen you across the parking lot but I didn't know it was you..." And Geek's like, "You mean you SAW me across the parking lot? ;)" And I'm thinking, fuck you tbh.

AND THEN I see behind Geek is taks and I'm like, "OMGGGG TAKSSSS" and I tacklehug him (which is very unlike me) and I'm like, "OMG WHY ARE YOU HERE? OMG O.M.G." And taks gets all shifty-eyed and looks at Geek. And Geek says, "taks is helping me out with some problems I'm having." I'm like, o.

So Geek explains his whole situation. He got a girl pregnant and MUST be there for the delivery or he gets no parental rights. "I have to be there when it comes out" were his words I believe. Now idk why taks needed to help with this, I guess it was just an awkward segue into this revelation in my dream. Nevertheless, I'm like, WHAT THE.

We leave the Denny's to drive to the concert and Buffy's driving and we're on the freeway and Buffy's like, "OMG I JUST REMEMBERED, I CAN'T DRIVE!" And despite the fact that she drove to the Denny's in the first place, I'm like, "OH SHIT, YOU'RE RIGHT." and we start swerving all over the place. Buffy doesn't know which pedal is the gas and which pedal is the brake. SHE'S A FUCKING MESS BEHIND THE WHEEL.

We start spinning on a fucking exit ramp and we eventually end up in this girl's orphanage and some little girls are nice enough to let us stay in their room with them and not tell the cops. What nice, but ultimately idiotic, girls!

After that we meet up with Geek and taks at this one hotel, but it was kind of weird. Every room was themed after a famous Hollywood murder. CREEPY AS FUCK. And our maid was Vivica A. Fox and she tried to seduce me and I was like, "can we not..."